The story behind LLWB

From 2007 to today

L.L. Warmblood Farm opened its doors in 2007. Karyne Lord and Martin Leduc are the farm’s owners and founders. Ever since , Karyne has evolved as a rider, trainer and breeder, while Martin, a contractor by profession, heads the development aspect of the business.

At first, the facility’s main vocation was breeding. L.L. Warmblood Farm focuses on the best lineage of sports horses in the world. The farm emphasizes the development of up-and-coming sports horses. This focus requires extensive experience, strict discipline, and optimal values in the management of the farm’s resources and facilities, the work of its personnel, and its philosophy.The farm boasts several breeding mares from the European and North American continents. The majority of them are Premium approved by various North-American and European associations. L.L. Warmblood Farm has adopted the mission of making superior quality European horses available on the North American market while eliminating the need to import. For the best in European breeding quality in Québec! As of today, a good number of horses produced by L.L. Warmblood Farm star on Canadian and American competition fields.

Today, L.L. Warmblood Farm focuses on the development of riders and horses with advanced training programs. Considered as a training facility, the farm helps athletes reach their goals and perform on a daily basis. The main vocation of LLWB is to be competitive and ready to face de show circuits.